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Name: Luke Eisner -- 2013 Champion

School & Grade: Junior at Greendale High School

Business NameLuke Eisner DJ & Lighting, LLC

What inspired you to start your business? Tell us about your inspiration, your idea and how it became a reality.

Ever since I can remember I have had a love for music. Nothing in the world makes me happier or is more inspiring to me. I’ve always loved performing and entertaining people.

In addition to my business, I am currently in a band, performing as a singer/songwriter. I love live music. I’ve always been a dreamer and I knew I wanted to start living my dreams young. There is something about the energy that really makes people happy, which is something I love seeing and being a part of. Read the full story here.


Describe your product / service, purpose / goals, features / benefits, unique selling point.

Purpose: As Luke Eisner DJ & Lighting LLC, it’s not our show, it’s the customer’s show. I want to provide my customers with a service that exceeds their expectations. I try not to make the show about me, I try to make it a show that is completely different from other DJ’s. It’s all about the total experience. I pay more attention to the sound quality than most other DJ’s. Most Dj’s take weddings, parties, school dances, whatever jobs they can get, and pay very little attention to the sound quality that is specific to club-style DJing. This leads to disappointment from audiences that are expecting a club-style experience.

Features: My target audience is very fond of the low end of the sound spectrum. I deducted, from the subwoofers in cars to the huge headphones kids have, that they prefer a lot of bass. So this is what I have incorporated into my sound system. I have 5 subwoofers. My most powerful pair is two 21-inch speakers, powered by a 3600-watt amplifier each. These two subwoofers alone are enough to reproduce chestthumping bass equal to the systems used on small concert stages. Along with these I have plenty of other speakers and amplification to address the higher frequencies so the entire audio range is crystal clear. I fine-tune the sound with other outboard electronic gear to make it not only a loud sound but also a very clear sound.  Read the full story here.


Tell us about yourself and how you make your business succeed.

I work hard to build my brand and my company’s reputation. I try to make it very classy and professional as well as cool and popular. I try to do this through marketing. I have developed several marketing tools to spread my brand and the feelings that I want associated with it. First off I worked with a well-known local graphic designer to come up with a logo. Then I created a line of apparel to be marketed to girls only. I did this in order to boost the coolness factor of the brand. The shirts themselves were very designer. I put a picture of them on Facebook and within the week, I sold 53 of them. The fact that only women wore them created much more attention for the brand among guys and girls. I have since come out with unisex hoodies, one displaying the original logo and a second design with a different graphic treatment of the brand name. Bands have many different designs for their tour t-shirts, that’s where I got the idea. Read the full story here.


What are your future goals and vision for your business? How do you propose to develop your business?

My future goals are to develop a larger marketing outreach, obtain bookings at larger venues, and increase company revenue. I plan to do this by:

  1. Raising my performance fees to reflect the quality of the show that is being provided.

  2. Adding additional crews/equipment to be able to take multiple bookings on the same day Read the full story here.






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