How Do We Educate Entrepreneurial Students?


The characteristics of the entrepreneurial spirit include traits and behaviors that are taught and reinforced across the entire school curriculum and at all levels. This entrepreneurial spirit, combined with a solid academic foundation, is essential for continued individual success and prosperity in a competitive and democratic society.


The Framework advocates that specific traits and behaviors, including inquisitiveness, creativity, leadership, and curiosity, must be developed throughout a school career so that each student is prepared for the world outside the classroom. Connecting content area knowledge with entrepreneurship will strengthen this development by creating an authentic learning context. For example, patents are often developed by professionals with expert knowledge in specific areas: new ideas in graphic design are developed by artists, and new practices in farming or sustainable living come from those with a deep love and knowledge of ecology. Specific curricular connections to the entrepreneurial process skills and business functions may be more obvious in certain career and technical education courses. However, the intent of this document is to illustrate how all educators may enhance existing content to support knowledge >and skill development in entrepreneurship.

The development of such expert knowledge, combined with specific entrepreneurial traits and behaviors, provides students the appropriate tools to develop entrepreneurial habits.
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