Entrepreneurship Education



 What is an entrepreneur?      

Why is entrepreneurship education important? 

How do we educate entrepreneurial students?


Entrepreneurship 101


*   Mission Statement

*   Entrepreneurship Standards

Success in Wisconsin


*   Real Stories of Young Entrepreneurs

*   School Examples


Wisconsin Events


*   Young Entrepreneur of the Year

*   Calendar of Events




*   Social Media

*   Entrepreneurship Weeks

*   Community/School-based Organizations

*   Post Secondary Education

Wisconsin Vision


*   Framework 

*   Action Plan 

*   Self Assessment

Collaborative Resources


*   Classroom Activities 

*   Videos

*   Articles


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For further information about Entrepreneurship Literacy in Wisconsin, contact:

Tim Fandek

Marketing, Management, & Entrepreneurship Education
Education Consultant
Email: timothy.fandek@dpi.wi.gov
Phone: 608-267-9253